“The music of Daniel Fassbender is reminiscent of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, or even original Kraftwerk, when they still fell into the ‘Experimental Music’ category. He is both a sound artist and creator of musical landscapes.”


 – Wolfgang Flür (Ex-Kraftwerk) on Fassbender’s debut album ‘Authentic’ –  


Daniel Fassbender is a German musician, music producer and DJ specializing in the field of electronic music. With initial EP and single releases under his own label GRIZZEGRAU RECORDS, Fassbender was subsequently invited to contribute to the cult German movie, ‘Pottoriginale,’ for which he composed the majority of the soundtrack. Additionally, he has written several promotional dance floor anthems together with (and for) the film’s lead actor. As a sound artist, Fassbender has created multiple sound collages for both film and news (for example Welt-Online). 


In 2019, Daniel Fassbender, together with iconic techno legend DJ Hell and renowned radio presenter and DJ Klaus Fiehe, curated the inaugural Pottoriginale Club Night in Bochum. In the same year he played in Düsseldorf together with the legend and co-founder of Detroit Techno  - Juan Atkins.


Currently, Fassbender is working on a new collaborative album together with German-based, Australian musician Rob Keane (aka WATT!) and jazz singer Miriam Suarez, with a release planned for the winter of 2019 / 2020.


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